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Engineering Solutions:

Art To Part provides product development, engineering, and program management services on a contract or job quote basis.  Art To Part's client base is worldwide in areas of consumer products, sporting goods, household products, boating accessories, and medical products just to name a few.  Art To Part utilizes SolidWorks software in the mechanical design phase of development.  Allow Art To Part the opportunity to develop your concepts into a complete product for your market place.

Key Benefits

bulletWe have the software, workstations, 3D scanners, engineering skills, and experience to provide you with the most value for your project budget.
bulletWe quote the job and the scope to complete your project on-time and within budget.
bulletRapid Prototyping of your design as it's developed.
bulletOur design process always considers cost of direct material, manufacturing, reliability, repair, and warranty cost associated to the product.
bulletSolidWorks parametric solid modeling is used to capture design intent and provide downstream data for manufacturing.
bulletSolidWorks file translators can output to many other CAD packages (Unigraphics, SDRC, ProEngineering, AutoCAD,...)
bulletArt To Part is available to assist with balancing your staff's workload.



Product Development:
We have over 29 years of product development experience, from concepts to manufacturing to the consumer.  This experience ranges from low-volume military applications to high-volume consumer products produced and sold around the globe.  We can start with your product concepts or reverse engineer an existing product to meet your requirements.
Computer Aided Design:
SolidWorks modeling capabilities allow us to verify form, fit, and function for each component designed in the assembly.  Drawings, manufacturing data, high-end renderings, product videos and much more can be generated directly from the model data.
3D Laser Scanning:
Using the latest in 3D laser scanning equipment, Art To Part can easily scan objects directly into SolidWorks.  These files can then be used for reverse engineering, rapid prototyping, assembly modeling, or modified to create a new version.
Program Management:
Good planning and management up-front insure that your project stays on track.  Art To Part utilizes the skills and background of PMI (Project Management Institute) to reach your targets for scope, cost, and scheduling.

Engineering Tools:

  Download eDrawings for free from the SolidWorks web site.  This is the first email-enabled communication tool that dramatically eases the sharing and interpretation of 2D and 3D product design data.

Contact Information

Phone: (561) 965-6850
Postal address: 1079 Island Manor Drive, Greenacres, FL 33413

General Information:

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